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Here is How Your eCommerce Business Should Strategise in the New World of Work

Here is How Your eCommerce Business Should Strategise in the New World of Work 5


Sarah: Hello everyone, thank you for zooming in with us today. I am here with Asher, our wonderful digital strategist. And today we’ll be talking a bit about how you can integrate your marketing strategies and why it is important. In one of our earlier videos with Abduh we talked about how the world of work has changed significantly and how it has continued to change because of these developments. And it’s important for us as marketers to be proactive in responding to them. So even though everything today is pretty unpredictable, I think Asher for you you would still stress on using an integrated approach when it comes to strategies. So I’d like to find out from you why you believe this sense of integration is important for a business that wants to thrive online and how they can integrate their strategies.

Asher: Yes, indeed, yeah often times, I mean, for clients one of the struggles they have regarding digital marketing is that there’s so many different initiatives. So how do they integrate everything together? So maybe let me just share a strategy that I use. Can you see my screen?

Sarah: Yes, I can.

Asher: Okay, great. Yeah, so I mean, so this is digital marketing, right? So everything goes back to marketing and central to marketing is the marketing funnel. So everyone knows about awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty and advocacy. So personally, I like to look at it instead of site on from site on funnel view, top down funnel view such that it looks like almost like a bull’s eye target. And to me the bullseye is always making sure that the customers that you get will stay loyal to you and rebuy and refer you to their friends. But before that, how do you get clients to buy? I think fundamentally, you got to think of marketing as a systematic conversion process, I can think of all the questions that are inside customers heads, like who are you? What is your service about, for example? And then you got to basically list all the answers to all the questions and then prioritise them what should come before the other? And generally, they always fall into this marketing funnel. Then the next question is which medium do you use to answer those questions? And generally, this is it. I think the best way to look at it is to work backwards. Let’s say you want people to buy and generally people buy via your website, right? Because your website is one of the most powerful, most powerful digital marketing interventions because people can find out information about you for E-commerce sites, you can make a purchase. For other websites, you can call, can find a number to call or an email to contact. Then how do you drive traffic to their website? From an awareness phase, You would write content via, you know on your Facebook page and your LinkedIn page, you would write content, around what is your service who you are. And then you can do paid advertising via such ads, Google Display or Facebook ads, then you can introduce your brand, introduce your value proposition. Then we will come into consideration and selection, they would go on Google, ask Google, that’s where they find you. The best thing about this, about SEO and SEM is that there’s high intent to buy once they’re coming to search for you. And then on your website. You can also run remarketing ads, the people who come to your website, you fire the cookies, you can retarget them via Facebook or Google display ads. And also you can build an email funnel. And then lastly, once you have, you have a customer pool and then you have their data especially the email address, then you can send them EDMs. And then content marketing, can do carry on doing content marketing to continually engage them and get them to be aligned with your values, but rather catch the customers that align with values such that because they are the ones who are more likely to stay on as customers and more likely to advocate your business. And you can still do paid advertisements to retarget these existing customers with their email addresses. So I guess, overview is how I would do, one more observation also is that traditionally, especially towards the end of last year, mobile has become king because mobile has has largely overtaken desktop usage right in viewing websites, for example. I don’t know whether the whole COVID trend will continue but just reading some reports how, obviously desktop usage has increased because everyone’s staying at home and at home they’re on their laptops. So there’s something but and we don’t know how long COVID is gonna last and how many circuit breakers are going to happen.

Sarah: Hopefully just one!

Asher: So this is one thing, maybe we need to pay a bit more attention on desktop now. In addition to mobile, yep.

Sarah: Okay, well, thanks for sharing that Asher. I think you shared something that was quite interesting, especially about how it’s important for us to integrate our strategies because we never know what might happen because I think last year, we always talked about how your strategies have to be mobile-friendly because you know with rising use of our phones and all that, people were definitely using mobile more. But in the world of working, the new world of working, that is, it seems like desktop has taken over because many people are at home now and they are working at home. And with that in mind, it’s important to always be ready for these kind of changes. And I think the only way we can be ready and respond to them proactively is by integrating all our strategies. So thank you so much for sharing that, I think it will be very helpful for any business that might be having a rough during this circuit breaker. But before we wrap this up, if your business has been feeling the heat and you feel that you need some help, we’ll leave a link to our contacts page below in the comments down below, where you can get in touch with Asher and our other digital strategists. And we can talk about how we can ride out this difficult situation together and how we can integrate all your marketing strategies. So thank you again Asher and do remember to hit follow for more marketing tips. Till then stay safe. Bye.

Asher: Bye.

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