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Here’s How Social Media Has Changed Since the Circuit Breaker

Here’s How Social Media Has Changed Since the Circuit Breaker 6


Sarah: Hello everyone! Thank you for tuning in today. I have a very special guest. This is Zai, one of our wonderful account managers.

Zai: Hi guys.

Sarah: So far in our Zoom In With First Page web series we’ve been talking a lot about adjusting SEO and create media strategies for the new world of work but there has been one aspect of digital marketing that we’ve not really zoomed in on yet, until today, and that is social media. So Zai, let’s be real here, how long do you spend on social media everyday?

Zai: To be honest, I spend about nine hours on social media everyday.

Sarah: Okay, wow nine hours.

Zai: Yes!

Sarah: Well I’m probably on those accounts as long as you are because basically our work is online and part of being online is being on social media as well. And I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed that the type of content we’ve been seeing these days on social media it’s vastly different from what we are used to and I think the reason for these changes are pretty obvious. Because of the global situation and the evolving world of work, these events have had huge impacts in the ways that social media is being used. And with people staying at home I think internet usage has ballooned and there are more people online than usual. So, what do you think about these changes? And how do you think businesses can adapt their strategies accordingly?

Zai: I think that with us being indoors now people are looking at social media as a source of information and entertainment and it’s very easy to access with just a click of a button. Also what I have learned is that most of the brands that I follow are adapting their messaging on the current situation, basically transitioning from merely advertising to support marketing on both their page and organic content. Everyone has literally taken most of their activities online from exercising to cooking demos, online consultation via social media and brands and companies alike have moved to social media to assure their users that we are all in this together. A perfect example would be the care emoji which was recently launched by Facebook.

Sarah: Have you been using it?

Zai: Yes I have, for the most for most of the content that I think is relevant or for those that show social responsibility, social responsiveness and those brand images or messaging that appeal to me.

Sarah: Okay that’s interesting, well thanks for sharing Zai. I think I totally agree with you that I have been seeing similar trends as well in fitness, cooking, demos and online consultations and I think that it really does help a brand reach their target audience now and being considerate, I think that is very important on social media right now. So Zai, we’ve worked toegther on our many social media accounts, so it’s actually really wonderful to get your professional and personal opinion about how businesses should adjust their social media content to be relevant and considerate at the same time. So thank you for being so amazing. So, this was just a quick video about how social media has changed and how you should adapt your social media strategies. So if you have any questions about social media or digital marketing, do leave a comment in the comments down below. And also let us know how, how you have been adapting to these changes on your platforms. Are you following more fitness accounts now? Are you baking more at home because of the inspiration you get from social media? Let us know in the comments and till then take care and thanks again Zai for being so awesome.

Zai: You’re welcome, bye!

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