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Do you check reviews before buying something? Hear from our marketers!

Do you check reviews before buying something? Hear from our marketers! 6


Sarah: Hi everyone. Thanks for tuning in again. I am back with Abduh today. You might remember him from one of our previous videos, please say hi Abduh.

Abduh: Hi, hi everyone.

Sarah: So Abduh, do you know that we have more than 120 Google reviews as of today?

Abduh:¬†Yes, in fact, I do because quite a number of these reviews has actually come in the past three or four months. And it’s testament to the hard work that, you know, my team, the account managers have actually given and we are extremely grateful for the appreciation that the clients have given us through all these reviews.

SarahL¬†Yeah, So, I mean, I’ve been sharing our reviews every weekend, actually. So it’s just one review on either Saturday or Sunday. And if you have been following our LinkedIn content, you might have probably noticed it, but Abduh, do correct me if I’m wrong, I know business can be pretty hectic for our account managers, especially because some of them manage so many campaigns. So I think it’s definitely nice whenever a positive review comes our way, but let’s be real, sometimes, you know, feedback, it can be constructive as well. So what do you think is your secret behind getting all these reviews?

Abduh:¬†Yes, I think you are a hundred percent, right, because as account managers, they have to juggle a lot of campaigns at a given point of time. Most of us, or most of the account managers have above 30 clients to handle. So time management is a really, really critical part of what we do and in terms of getting good reviews, right? It’s more or less, you know, account management 101. So making sure that the expectations from the very beginning, from the onboarding phase, all the way throughout the campaign itself, making sure that the expectations that we set with the clients together is in line and align with the client itself. So to do so, we need to understand what’s really important in terms of the objectives of the client and what’s important for them to achieve out of the campaign itself. So that’s, that’s one thing. The second thing is really to go above and beyond in every single thing that we do, because, you know, it’s very easy for us to just go through the day, reporting to the client, but clients will actually be able to see that, you know, we are just going through the motions. So I always emphasise to my account managers to give more value out of what they can and to show it in ways that their clients can actually be able to appreciate. So that’s, that’s not really a secret, but that’s how we go about, you know, getting all these good reviews.

Sarah: Okay, well, fair point, well, let me just ask you something and please be honest with me. Before you actually go to, maybe, a new restaurant to try, their new menu or something, do you actually check out their reviews before going to their restaurant?

Abduh: Yeah, 100%, so beyond restaurants, even buying stuff online, right?

Sarah: Yeah.

Abduh: Buying new products, electronics, the reviews are the most important part of my purchasing decision itself, yeah.

Sarah:¬†Yeah, I’m totally with you, like, you know, before I actually buy any new skincare or any makeup, I always have to look at the reviews first. I see what bloggers are saying about them and I’m sure it’s the same for you as well. And I think this kind of proves that our generation relies pretty heavily on reviews and recommendations to assess the credibility of any business, whether it is is a B2B or B2C one. So it’s interesting to hear from you about how the account managers use these reviews. Obviously, it’s really nice to get praise for the efforts, but I think also getting feedback gives us the opportunity to step back, to see what our clients are happy with and maybe what could, use a little bit of work so that we can become an even better agency. So we actually did have one of our viewers ask about how we get reviews. Hopefully this video helps shed a bit of light on it. And it also reinforces this idea of why it is important as an agency for us to meet our client’s expectations as well. So do let us know in the comments, whether you actually check out reviews before you purchase any new products or services. So yeah, hopefully this little video was informative for you. Thank you again for joining me, Abduh. I hope you had fun.

Abduh: Thank you for having me.

Sarah: Till next time for our next video.

Abduh: All right, bye.

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