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How Should You Adjust Your Paid Media Strategy? Find Out Here!

How Should You Adjust Your Paid Media Strategy? Find Out Here! 6


Sarah: Hello everybody. I am here with the one and only PPC Team Lead, Miraj and you might notice things look a little bit different. That’s because we are all working from home and you know due to the pandemic, but luckily with telecommuting, we can still come together to share and work with each other. So, Miraj, please tell us how has working from home been like?

Miraj: Hi, Sarah, thanks for the invite. Working from home, it’s a bit different experience because, I think this is the first time where every one of us are working from home together. So I would say it’s quite unique experience. There are pros and cons as well. Pros is like, we are saving time on commute. And we don’t take long breaks during our lunch so we get more time to finish our task. And cons is like we don’t get time to see our colleagues. I really miss every one of them, including my team and our strategists and other colleagues as well. So yeah, it’s a bit different experience, I would say.

Sarah: Yeah, I totally get it. I know the pandemic has really affected multiple facets of life. And it’s making all of us feel a bit uncomfortable and a bit anxious. But I believe one of the biggest questions, you know, many businesses would have is, how this pandemic has affected the world of media. And I would love if you could share your thoughts about that.

Miraj: Unfortunately, there are businesses, which has got the hardest hit, like travel industry, hotels and accommodation, event organization. These are the industries that has been affected like very badly. And many brands like they are still making, they’re still doing good business online. And as per the recent stats, we came to know that there has been an increase of 90% media consumption and more than 70% of social media engagement. So I think this is a right time for brands to showcase their brand awareness or like if they want to communicate to their customers, that this is the best time because everyone is locked down at home. And it is the right time to reach out to them when they are online most of time. And many of the businesses like online gaming, video streaming, OTT, these businesses are doing really good and they are making the most out of it. So I think there are ups and downs for businesses, depending on the industries.

Sarah: Okay, I understand. That seems pretty crazy. So I’d like to know how your team has been helping other businesses.

Miraj: So this is a time where we have to think about support marketing. We have to provide helping hand. So we have seen like most of the SMEs is affected badly. And at this point of time, we want to provide them help. We are giving them free consultation. We are helping them in the marketing strategies. As you know, like now, most of the brands, they cannot do road shows and other event organization. So at this point of time, it’s very tough for them to shift their marketing budgets from offline to online. And even we are helping those brands, to help them strategize. And also we are providing them free consultation, free Google Ad setup. Whichever thing is possible from our end, we are trying our best and I believe this is the right time to help your customers as well. Many big brands, this is the right time to showcase your support to your customers. Because this is the right time to gain your customers trust and most of the brand claims that they are the most trusted brand. But this is a time when we can reach out to them. And just to let them know that we are here, no matter what the situation is, and even after this situation, we will be there.

Sarah: Yeah, you’re right. It’s the best time for brands to really show people that they can be trusted. So thank you so much for that inspiring answer, Miraj. And I’m sure this will give many businesses some light at the end of the tunnel. And before we wrap this up, if your business has been feeling the heat, and you feel like you need some help, we are here to help you. So we’ll leave a link to our contact information down in the comments below, where you can get in touch with us and our digital strategists will be there to assist you and we can talk about how we can help you right out of this tumultuous situation. Until then, thank you Miraj, for that, and…

Miraj: Thank you, Sarah.

Sarah Do hit follow to stay up to date with more marketing tips and updates from our company to ride out this pandemic. Thank you.

Miraj Yeah, stay safe.

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