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4 Useful Ways Google’s Hotel Search Makes Your Vacation-Planning Much Easier 6

4 Useful Ways Google’s Hotel Search Makes Your Vacation-Planning Much Easier

The holidays are around the corner – which means you might be travelling. Whether you are an avid traveller or complete newbie to planning your own trip, it is important that you research for the best accommodations for your trip. However, there are numerous booking websites to date like, Trivago, Agoda, etc. As a result, it might get confusing and time-consuming to research across different websites to find the best prices and the most strategically located hotels. Luckily for you, Google’s Hotel Search saves you the hassle.

What is Google’s New Hotel Search?

If you’ve not heard, Google’s Hotel Search incorporates Google Maps and features similar to Google My Business.

A recent update on Google, it’s new Hotel Search showcases the names of hotels, their location on the map, and contact number. In addition, it also illustrates ratings from guests, as well as amenities and prices across various booking websites.

Moreover, it also allows you to customize the length of stay, travel dates, number of guests, prices as well as the hotel class.

Here is a pictorial illustration below for a trip Barcelona during the December period:

Whether you are planning for a vacation in the summery and lively islands of the Bahamas or a wintery trip at Seoul this festive season, Google’s Hotel Search makes your trip-planning a lot less complex. We’ve tested it out and discovered 4 ways in which this new hotel search could ease your travel planning! Read on to learn more.

1. Convenience

Firstly, Google’s Hotel Search allows users to view where their accommodations are located in relation to landmarks, public transportation, and tourist hot spots. Using the features of Google Maps, users can estimate how far away their accommodations are from various landmarks. In addition, users can see how one can get around when choosing a particular accommodation. For instance, one could gauge the distance from his hotel to national attractions in the country and opt for a hotel which is near tourist hotspots to save travelling time during his trip.

Tip: the best accommodations are located near a means of public transportation (like a train station or bus stop). Thus, choose a hotel which is close to a train station for more convenience!

2. Prices Across Booking Websites

Once you’ve decided on a hotel, you can actually check the prices across various major booking websites like and Expedia when you use Google’s Hotel Search. This helps you to compare prices so that you can make the most value-for-money bookings for your trip.

All you need to do is click on the hotel of your choice to view the prices of the accommodation per night. See our example above for Barcelona Century Hotel in December.

3. Ratings and Reviews

Third, using Google’s Hotel Search, you can read about the ratings and reviews for the hotel of your choice. This search engine uses rating and review features which are similar to Google My Business. You can actually see the ratings and worded reviews from past guests who stayed at the hotel. This way, you can make a more informed decision about your choice of accommodation during your overseas trip.

If you are a business owner of any sort, you would know that reviews are everything these days. They could make or break your online reputation. Reviews are like a portfolio that showcases testimonials and ratings from your past guests. Therefore, it is critical for hotel owners to ensure that the reviews on their Google My Business page are largely positive.

Want to learn more about how ratings and reviews could make or break your online reputation? Click here to learn more.

4. Amenities

Fourth, the Google Hotel Search also showcases the amenities and facilities available at the hotel of your choice like free Wi-Fi, breakfast options, swimming pools, and fitness centres. This feature saves you the hassle of doing extensive research about the hotel and it’s amenities.


Finally, Google’s Hotel Search feature is a new and updated way of looking for hotels and places to stay during your trip. It saves time and gives its users all they need to know about their accommodations.

Fortunately, the Hotel Search feature is not the only Google Update that users will find practical during the upcoming festive season. With the holiday season approaching, it is tantamount that you make full use of these online tools to make your holiday planning and activities much easier. Stay tuned for more festive posts!

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