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The Power of Content When It Comes to Digital Marketing 6

The Power of Content When It Comes to Digital Marketing

Yeah, I know you’ve probably heard and read enough about content by now. Things like – “content is king”, “content generates leads and sales”, “content is a significant ranking factor”, etcetera.

But again, I’d like to emphasise that you should never underestimate the sheer power of content when it comes to digital marketing. 

More than just good writing, content marketing is a powerful, long-term approach that will catapult your business to new heights. So it is not surprising that 54% of marketers in APAC intend to increase their investments in content marketing in 2021

If you don’t already have a focused content marketing strategy in place, now’s the time to get started.

The Power of Content When It Comes to Digital Marketing

Why is Content Important?

Look, content marketing isn’t just a buzzword. It is the foundation of all other digital marketing strategies, the driving force behind any successful campaign. It is what makes your company stand out in a crowded marketplace and persuades your consumers to choose you over competitors. 

Content strategy is inherently complex – but when done right, it has the power to influence consumers in ways no other medium can. 

Not so convinced yet? Here are some remarkable benefits of content marketing you need to know.

1. High-Quality Content Grows Your Website Traffic

First, let’s talk about what content does for your site. 

Compelling content that inspires, educates or entertains puts your brand in front of a growing pool of audience, regardless of your niche. When you commit yourself to the grind of producing content that contributes value to a reader, they are more likely to stick along. 

Content marketing can also be integrated with other digital marketing initiatives like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) to fuel more traffic to your website. By embedding important keywords within your content, your website becomes more visible on the search engines.

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2. Content Stimulates Conversation

Look, the world has gone digital, and people crave responsive conversation more than ever. Real content that provides real value helps you strike a conversation with your audience and gets people talking about your brand, products or services.

It ignites a two-way conversation, which makes your brand more human – just like your consumers.

3. It Establishes Your Brand As an Authoritative Thought Leader

When you create top-notch content with deep, meaningful insights that no one else has, it cements your reputation as a trustworthy and authoritative figure in your industry. This helps to shorten your sales cycle and lends credibility to your brand.

4. A Cost-Effective Way to Drive Sales

Let’s all agree that if there’s one thing that modern consumers don’t like to see or hear, it’s sales pitches. Of course, we all know sales are the principal goal of a business, but no one likes to be aggressively sold. 

The predicament is – how can a marketer convince a lead that enters the pipeline instead of selling? Here’s where content marketing comes in. Produce content that’s relevant to your prospects, inform and educate them, and they’ll naturally gravitate towards your brand.

5. It Helps to Build Brand Loyalty That Lasts

We all have that one brand that we advocate for. It can be a fashion brand, a beauty brand, or anything in between. But what’s the reason behind this positive association we attach to a particular brand? Does content have a part to play? The short answer is yes.

Valuable content builds a mutually rewarding relationship with your customers and serves as a catalyst for user retention. Create strategic content that delivers clear value, and they’ll return the favour to you.

It is about time content got its due as an integral cog of the digital marketing machine. If you find yourself exploring this area and want to give your own digital marketing a push with the help of content, be sure to learn more from the experts here at First Page!

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