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5 Last-Minute Tips to Boost Sales and Web Traffic This Black Friday

5 Last-Minute Tips to Boost Sales and Web Traffic This Black Friday 6

Black Friday.

The phrase, alone, is enough to catch the attention of many users. Everyone loves a good year-end sale to get all their gifts and merchandises before Christmas.

This year, Black Friday falls on the 23rd of November. It kick-starts a series of massive year-end sales where many retail stores offer exclusive annual deals that help their customers save big.

In particular, these deals have earned retail stores significant growth in their sales and traffic. In fact, Alibaba recorded a growth rate of US$30 Billion during the Singles’ Day Sales on 11 November 2018! Read about it more on Channel News Asia by clicking here.

However, it can get quite competitive amongst retail stores. Black Friday is an unrivalled source of traffic and sales for e-commerce platforms as well as brick and mortar retail stores today.

If you are an e-commerce website owner, then this article has been crafted especially for you.

Below, we have 5 last-minute tips that can help you amplify your brand awareness, web traffic and sales in time for Black Friday! Read on to earn more and win big this shopping season.

1. Quicken Your Website’s Load Speed

Firstly, the loading speed of your website is important.

No shopper likes a website which takes too long to load. Furthermore, Google also detests websites that load too slowly.

Everyone wants to be on top of the Google search rankings. Speed, however, is one of the most paramount factors that could influence your site’s ranking. It also makes the overall web experience more pleasant for shoppers.

Engage in a page speed audit to measure your website’s load speed. Also, use the audit tool to highlight any problems on your website that might be affecting the load speed.

If you’re not sure which audit tool is the best, take a look at 4 of our favourites by clicking here.

2. Create Black Friday Landing Pages

Secondly, create a Black Friday landing page for your e-commerce website. This way, you could heighten your chances of getting picked up by Google and also optimize your website’s content. Landing pages could also improve your website’s click-through rate.

If you have no idea what a landing page is, here is our explanation in a nutshell: landing pages include user-targeted and season-focused content. They are like a ‘sub-set’ of your website content. Besides Black Friday, many e-commerce websites have seasonal landing pages for various festivals in the year like Christmas and Chinese New Year.

Make sure that your landing page is optimized using all the targeted keywords and that you’ve included all the targeted keywords in the headlines of your landing page. In addition, make sure all links are working – which brings us to our next point.

Try crafting Black Friday content on these landing pages. Give your users quality and valuable information that could help them make full use of the Black Friday sale on your website. Also, ensure the content is ‘thick’ and informative by having a word count of at least 350 words.

If you have no idea how to write specific Black Friday content, click here for a helpful step-by-step guide that could help you craft better content in time for the Black Friday sale.

3. Fix all Website Errors

Broken links, 404 Error pages, spam, slow loading speed, and other website errors need to be fixed before the big day. This ensures that Google Algorithms do not target your website and cause your rankings to plummet.

Moreover, ensuring that your website is in tiptop condition could also enhance your website’s click-through rate. All in all, righting the SEO wrongs on your website could improve your user experience.

4. Restrategize Your Keyword Game Plan

Fourth, do your keyword research and restrategize your keyword game plan. The holiday seasons could affect the keywords that drive the most traffic and accumulate the highest search volumes.

Try using long-tail keywords that include the words “Black Friday”. Also, be sure to make full use of a handy keyword research tools to choose the best keywords with low competition but high search volume. The best keywords should have low competition and should rank at the top of the Google search results.

You’d be surprised but holiday-specific keywords could skyrocket your ranking on Google searches! Feel free to use this tip for other occasions like Christmas to continue enhancing your web presence.

5. Use Social Media

The final last-minute tip is a breakaway from SEO. Contrary to many naysayers, social media is, too, useful in skyrocketing your brand awareness and sales.

Make use of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach out to your customers. Advertise your brand and give your followers a sneak peek of what they can expect on Black Friday. Also, interact with your customers by answering their queries and inquiries about your products and the Black Friday sale.

If you’re thinking about getting creative with your social media content, then click here for some interesting ideas to improve your brand image and engage with your customers.

Concluding Remarks

With Black Friday approaching, it is critical for you to stand out amongst the rest of your competitors by offering excellent discounts, superb products as well as friendly and interactive customer engagement. Basic SEO alone is not enough to improve your sales this season. Be sure to make full use of SEO tools, social media as well as content to skyrocket your sales this season.

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