8 Effortless Ways to Overcome A Writer’s Block That Actually Work

If you are a writer or have done any form of long-form content writing at some point in your life, you should be able to relate to writers’ block.

If the term is alien to you, then imagine this: it is 9 am on a Monday morning and you have an urgent blog article that needs to go live at noon. But alas, you can’t think and you find it hard to pen down your thoughts in a coherent manner. Everything you churn out seems to be unsatisfactory and you start panicking because you need to get the article done ASAP.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is what a writer’s block feels like.

The two-word phrase “writer’s block” hits a raw nerve amongst many writers. You feel like your brain is fried and you find yourself unable to produce quality work or come up with anything creative. It is the worst feeling – especially when you have tight deadlines coming your way. Writers’ block is an invisible enemy that no content writer is immune to.

But fret not, for we have narrowed down 8 effortless tips for writers suffering from a writer’s block. You’d be surprised because they actually work! Slay the writers’ block and churn out substantial content for your website using our tips now.

1. Listen to Music

Listening to uplifting music could lift your mood and also get you thinking. The right playlist should encourage you to think creatively and critically without distracting you. Also, music should clear your head and inspire you to keep working harder.

Opt for classical or jazz music that is soothing but also uplifting. Try to avoid music that is too upbeat as it might get distracting after awhile.

2. Go for a Walk

Going for a walk and taking in some fresh air is an excellent way to clear your head and refresh your mind. You can also get your body moving and promote blood circulation. Sulking and scowling at the unfinished blog article you have on hand isn’t going to get your mind thinking. It could even prolong your writers’ block and make you feel even worst.

Instead of letting the writers’ block win, give yourself some space and get away from your desk. Take a nice walk around your neighbourhood and appreciate the greenery. Also, make sure you take plenty of deep breaths – you’ll find that you feel a lot fresher and motivated upon resuming your writer after a nice walk.

3. Get a Refreshing Drink

Sometimes all we need is a sweet treat to get our minds working normally again. Some drinks like coffee, tea and fresh juices could boost your brain power and enhance your performance. They could also help you feel more awake and ready to work.

The next time you feel a writers’ block getting in the way, save your existing work and treat yourself to a nice and refreshing drink. Opt for coffee, pomegranate juice or black tea – these drinks are known to improve cognition and stimulate your body.

4. Read a Related Article

At times, all you need is a little inspiration. If you are writing a blog article, try sourcing for similar blog topics and articles online. Search for articles which use similar keywords. Moreover, you could get some insight and ideas for your content and feel inspired to craft something even better!

For instance, if you find it difficult to consolidate your thoughts when writing an article about the latest Google algorithm updates, then try browsing articles on SEO blogs like Search Engine Journal, Moz and Ahrefs to get some inspiration and new ideas.

5. Freewrite on Pen and Paper

If you’ve ever felt that you had an idea in your head that you just could not put down in words, then this method will work wonders for you. Save your existing work and write out your ideas and whatever comes to mind in pen and paper. According to Copyblogger, this method is excellent when your brain is exhausted because it captures all your ideas on paper for you to organize accordingly. Write about the way you think, how you feel, and what ideas come to mind in 30 seconds. Then, take a short break and continue until you feel ready to resume your work.

Check out copyblogger’s article for more about freewriting.

6. Change your Environment

Next, a change of environment is a simple but effective way to vanquish the writer’s block.

Sometimes, our location can be filled with distractions. Thus, change your environment to escape the usual distractions could do your writing immense favours. You might even find that you work better in a new environment.

However, the best type of working environment differs from person to person. Try experimenting with different working environments to find which location best suits you.

7. Do an Outline

Sometimes when your thoughts are all jumbled up, it can be difficult to craft persuasive content that will sell.

Try writing out an outline first to organize your thoughts. Start with a topic sentence, provide evidence, examples and explanations before adding a short concluding statement at the end of each paragraph. It could also help you sort out your thoughts in a coherent manner.

8. Scout Your Competition

Like researching for related content, scouting the competition could also give you a rough idea of what type of content you could create. You could get some inspiration from your rivals and also borrow some of their ideas. Just be sure to reword the content so you avoid plagiarism and prevent your website from being penalized by the Google Panda update.

When scouting your competition, make sure that you pen original content that enhances your brand reputation and online presence to ensure you maintain and even improve your ranking on Google searches. Click here to learn how you can avoid being penalized by Google.

Every Content Writer’s Worst Nemesis

At some point, every digital content writer will encounter a writer’s block at some point in their writing. The inability to churn out content based on original ideas with tight deadlines can be horrifying. Thus, content writers should always plan ahead to avoid having a last-minute writer’s block that could affect the quality of content produced.

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Whether you are experiencing a writer’s block or not, it is imperative for you to produce high-quality content to preserve your website ranking. Click here to learn about how Google algorithms can affect your website ranking.