4 Surprising reasons why your “About Us” Page Matters

If you have a business web page that lacks content, you might want to consider creating an “About Us” page.

The “About Us” page is one of the bare necessities of a website. The “About Us” page informs your audience of what exactly your company does, where your headquarters are located and what products and services you are trying to retail.

If you’ve decided to sit out of creating an “About Us” page, you might be in trouble.

Research by several SEO blogs like Moz and Search Engine Journal have concluded that the page could actually improve your web experience and boost your chances of getting onto Google’s first page. In addition, it could help build stronger connections and networks with your audience.

If you’re still skeptical, we might just be able to convince you. We’ve discovered 4 surprising ways your “About Us” page could make or break your online reputation.

Highlights Business Goals and Visions

The “About Us” page underpins who your company is. It highlights greater business and social aspirations.

Most companies like The Body Shop include their company beliefs and aspirations such as enforcing cruelty-free means of production and using natural ingredients. In addition, the “About Us” page tells your customers and potential clients what you can do for them and justifies why they should buy your products.

Moreover, in showcasing your business missions and visions, you will be able to reach out to customers who have similar beliefs and values. This helps you connect with your audience.

Boosts your Reputation

“Testimonials describe what has been, and are a promise of what is to come.” – Ron Kaufman

Reviews are becoming a more influential means of increasing your customer base. Moreover, customers would be more inclined to buy form your brand if you have abundant positive reviews.

The “About Us” page is also a strategic place to put testimonials and reviews of your company and products. Also, it improves your brand reputation and instills a sense of confidence in your business reliability among your customers and audience.

Get Picked up by Google

Next, having SEO-friendly content with the relevant keywords could boost your chances of getting picked up by Google searches. Plus, it also heightens the chances of users clicking on your website when they use Google!

Furthermore, make sure your site has a quick loading speed and SEO-friendly headlines. These would make your website more user-friendly and improve your customers’ web experience when they use your website. In the long term, this could boost your web traffic.

However, when writing SEO-friendly “About Us” pages, avoid spamming keywords or repetitive content – lest you risk getting slapped by Google!

Build your Brand Identity

Also, the “About Us” page could build your brand identity and articulate your business model and culture. Use the page to humanize your brand by telling your story and exhibiting the factors and features that differentiate you from other companies in the industry.

Make your page humble but still professional and comprehensive. Outline your company’s story and hopes for the future.


Finally, the “About Us” page could make or break your brand image and presence in the digital world. While seemingly dispensable, the “About Us” page is critical for improving your brand image and improving your chances of getting onto Google’s first page.