What am I doing wrong
with my website?

This question may have been haunting you for some time when you notice your website’s poor conversion. Frustrating as it may sound, you must accept that your website needs a lot of improvements. Here are the six common issues faced by site owners.

#1. Insufficient website

This problem applies to newly created websites and those that have been running for at least a year. A low traffic website simply means very few people viewed your webpages.

One of the biggest reasons for this: you do not have a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy for your website. SEO improves your rankings among the million results on search engines. This strategy is imperative if you want to boost your online visibility in your target market.

It takes some time for an SEO campaign to show results, but it is worth the wait because it will provide a lasting impact on your site’s performance on search. Since many of your competitors have been ahead of you, they were able to establish a strong online brand already. Starting early is thus important. Some of the SEO tactics key to a solid strategy include optimising web content with targeted keywords, simplifying web structure and executing a link building plan.

#2. Incompatibility with
mobile phones

More than 50% of global web traffic is derived from mobile phones, which goes to show that having a mobile-friendly website is very important. If you are an e-commerce business, having your website adapted for mobile use will increase opportunities for potential buyers to make inquiries or purchases on the go.

A mobile-friendly website simply means that your customers experience the same satisfaction when browsing your website on the desktop and handphone. If your website does not provide an easy user experience on mobile, you will drive customers away.

#3. Poor design and lack of
calls to action

At the heart of user experience is your web design – it can either encourage visitors to stay and explore the site further or give them the reason to exit. Depending on your target audience and their preferences, a web design that is bland or too crowded may not perform very well. A website that is complicated to use because of a complex web structure can also push visitors away. Remember that majority of internet users are visual individuals – what will entice them is an attractive web design that catches their attention. No matter how good your products are, you
will not be able to make that conversion if your target market does not like spending time on your site.

This also points to the need for a well-positioned Call to Action (CTA). Since the goal of your website, aside from brand awareness online, is to increase
conversions, you want to encourage visitors to purchase your product or inquire about your services.

A good CTA will lead customers to the next step of the buyer’s journey as they scroll through your site. This CTA can be in the form of ‘Buy now,’ ‘Click for more details’, ‘Reserve yours now’, or ‘Request for a quotation today’.
You should have multiple CTAs across the site. That said, you should also ensure a good balance, such that the CTA fits seamlessly with the user experience. Too many CTA buttons can discourage customers as well. Providing convenience to your visitors is key.

#4. Multiple options and
lack of product value

Having a diversity of products is not bad. It is a good sign that your business is versatile and can cater to the different needs of your target market. What we are referring to here is having multiple products with many CTAs, that too with similar descriptions. When this situation happens, users tend to experience analysis paralysis as they cannot decide what to buy and eventually refuse to make any purchase. For each page or category, have a main CTA for that page that is descriptive and focuses on their pain points. If needed, you can break up complex webpages to offer easier navigating, and therefore, create more focused and impactful CTAs.

On top of this, your product descriptions may be inadequate. Your potential customers are visiting your website because they want to know if your product can meet their needs and expectations. You have numerous competitors, and your customers are weighing different factors before making a purchase. Make them feel that your product is the right choice.

#5. Poor purchasing system

Another factor that affects conversion on your website is a problematic purchasing system. If you are persuading your clients to buy your products, make sure that they can do it with just a few clicks. They should be able to easily add items to the cart, check out, assign a payment method, and provide shipping details quickly.

Some websites have numerous instructions that drive their buyers mad. This draws them away from the site and to others with a simpler system. You do not want this to happen with your visitors. Make sure the processes to make a purchase on your website is straightforward and easy to use.

#6. Lack of testing,
tracking, and auditing

One of the crucial things that you need to do in maintaining your website is analysing your weekly or monthly performance. You should consistently track progress against your timelines.

Being able to set and draw measurable outcomes allows you to see if you have reached your goals (i.e. target traffic, conversion rates etc.). If you do not measure your progress, you cannot manage the success of your website’s performance and work on enhancing it. Tracking allows you to know what you have achieved over a certain period and narrow down on areas to improve. To make improvements, you can enact small changes and test to see if they work well for your site, or do a site audit again to investigate what went wrong should you not be getting the results you are expecting.


The bottom line

The world of digital marketing can offer you a myriad of possibilities if you implement the right strategies that meet your goals and have the resources to do so. As a business owner, you must identify what your site needs and how to go about fulfilling them. Partnering with an SEO agency to help boost your site’s visibility on search or a web developer to relook at your site’s interface will help.

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