#1 Changes in user habits
and behaviour

This issue is an all-encompassing problem. Customers’ interests are dependent on the trending products in the market. For instance, people may be more interested in buying DIY products now than ready-made ones that were previously popular. 

As a business owner, you must stay up to date with consumer behaviour trends in your market so that you can implement the appropriate solution to keep your website and its contents relevant. Any irrelevant content will not only drive your audience away but also appear less on search, which thus leads to a decrease in web traffic. Being adaptable and versatile is key.


#2. Failure to update website keywords

As noted above, your visibility and ranking on search engines depend on whether your website is well-optimised against search trends. You can work with an SEO agency to study the trends and make recommendations when required, and then implement the solutions (i.e. rewrite web content; update page titles with new keywords etc.).

#3. Algorithm update of
search engines

Google is different from when it began in the early 2000s. As the number one search engine in the market, it regularly updates its algorithms to improve its credibility and accuracy in providing the best search experience for its users. Any algorithm update will affect your website – it can either cause an increase in your traffic or a drop.

This is why a holistic digital marketing strategy works better instead of a single channel solution. In the event where your traffic drops due to a search engine algorithm update, you can focus more on paid ads, email marketing or social media engagement to bring in the traffic you need. At the same time, you will also need to review what changes you must make to your website so that it continues to perform after the update. If you are already working with a digital marketing agency, you need not worry as your strategist will be able to implement the solution for you. You will also be kept in the loop of any such updates, be informed of the changes being made to the website and receive recommendations on how to move forward.

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#4. Your website is
not secure

With the rise of spam, hacking and other illicit activities in the cyberworld, an unsecure website is the most vulnerable. An unsecure site uses a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) instead of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). The former is more susceptible to third-party intrusions since the site is not encrypted. If you have an e-commerce website using HTTP, it is even more prone to attackers as they look out for valuable data such as credit card details, which will surely be available on your site.

This problem can affect your site’s traffic because search engines are becoming more sensitive to unsecure sites. Google warns users that a site is not safe when they happen to enter an HTTP site. In fact, it has also made HTTPS a small
ranking signal.

To solve this issue, you need a dedicated IP address for your site and a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. You need to activate the SSL on your web host and then install the SSL on your domain. You will also need to redirect users to your new site address. This can be a little complicated if you are unfamiliar in this area – contacting your web developer will be essential.

#5. Technical issues that you fail to notice

Websites can have multiple technical issues, and most are minor problems. However, if you don’t address them immediately, it can negatively affect the traffic of your website.
Make a list of technical issues that you can find. These include the following:

• Incorrect format of robot.txt rules
• 301 redirect is not working
Page loading speed is slow
• No backlinks or inappropriate internal linking
• Duplicate web contents
• Unreliable and inconsistent server
• Site is unindexed

These are only a few of the common technical problems that may affect your website’s traffic. Typically, your SEO agency will rectify such issues when they arise.

The bottom line

Do not panic when you notice your website traffic decreasing. These issues can be fixed if you have the technical knowledge to do so – otherwise, seeking professional help will be useful. Prolonging the problems on your site will damage your online business performance – act quickly to avoid losing out!

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